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The impact of the COVID-19 epidemic is growing around the world, and excessive publicity by the media has made everyone more and more nervous.

Source: WHO

Don't be panic! The reality is not as exaggerated as we think

It’s important that during this global health crisis we arm ourselves with knowledge through trusted and reliable news sources as we are doing here. Data analytics and mathematical models are key components that enable us to build effective regional, national and global strategies for both treating infected patients and preventing the further spread of #COVID_19.

We must avoid the noise from the government and media and instead arm ourselves with information, data, and analytics on the nature of the COVID-19 pathogen so we can make rational decisions to protect our families.

Packages from BazaarDoDo are safe?

Source: WHO

If you always have concerns about packages from China, don't worry! All of our pacakage from China warehouse have disinfection and if there is any virus detected. The custom will also stop it. Meanwhile, all of our apparel and prints products are shipped from our warehouses in North America and Europe! And the shipping cycle will be less than 7 business days.

Please also watch the vedio below to know the protective measures against the new coronavirus and take all precautionary measures to ensure the safety of your loved ones 🙏 #ActNow

Ops... it is just a little joke, hope this will make you smile in this serious situation

We know that the fixed elbow is now enough to protect you away from coughing and sneezing, the best way is to take an N95 mask or even a higher-level one. But this is not easy to buy currently.

How about we create some DIY mask?

These ideas sound crazy and unworkable. But in the case of shortage of masks, is it completely impossible to use DIY masks at all?

Scientists from the University of Cambridge asked this exact question after the 2009 H1N1 influence pandemic and believed that in the context of the global pandemic, without N95 masks, we can still live well. Their prediction came true during this coronavirus epidemic.
Volunteers were asked to use simple procedures they had designed to make masks using cotton shirts and sewing machines. Then they conducted conditioning tests to verify their ability to capture particles as low as 0.02 microns. They compared DIY masks with surgical masks.

The homemade cotton masks captured 50% of 0.02-1 micron particles, compared with 80% for the surgical mask. Although the surgical masks captured 30% more particles, the cotton masks did surprisingly well. The researchers concluded that HOMEMADE MASKS would be BETTER THAN NOTHING.

However, during the epidemic, you need to wear a N95 or above mask that can capture more than 98% of sub-micron particles. But tired of white masks which looks like uniforms? Why not use bazaardodo's rave mask cover your N95 and make it look much cooler?

As a team of designers,we also wanna use our way to express our concern in this matter, to notify everyone that we should seriously take action to protect ourselves and families. So we use our collab artist's art and created something new. You could vote for these and can also leave us your thought about the quotes. We gonna use the top 3 liked arts and quotes to make products!

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