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Bazaardodo Glow Case

It has a low-medium glow that isn’t irritating at night when trying to sleep and is helpful when trying to find your phone when you are too lazy to get up and turn on the light to find your phone.

Cyberpunk City Glow Case for Samsung

Beautiful case

The case looks really great.
The camera cutout on the back is a bit inaccurate, and it doesn’t protect the screen. Also it is very smooth, and because of the lack of texture it slips off surfaces easily, but the screen still feels really good and it’s screen protector-friendly.

Gorgeous Looking Case

Despite the long wait to get the case opening the box and seeing the case in person absolutely makes the wait worth it! The quality alone is amazing and I highly recommend ordering one for yourself.

Great case and screen protector

Great case and screen protector, however I wish the shipping didn’t take 1 month. Only downside about it

Why not? More like hell yes!

This case is pretty cool to look at and is actually durable!! Was worried about cost but its worth it i will definitely buy a led case next!!

Cyberpunk City Glow Case for Samsung

Nice glow

Seamless glow, you dont see any bulb or components from inside or outside, it just glows within the picture, really good!

Good quality looking case

Love this phone case

Amazing quality, nice and sleek, good material used and I can’t get over the design it’s amazing I love it and hope to buy more in the future

glow case samsung s10

its pretty cool, i love it and how it glows, although i know theres no easy way around it, i wish it would glow by itself without having to absorb light first, and it fades so quickly sadly. but its still a great case and has an amazing design.

Not one regret.

You know I don't like to wear a phone case, but this one, it's really defferent from the others, it's beautiful!

Deserves to buy again

My mobile phone case encountered some problems in the customs, they are very timely to help me deal!

Highly recommend and will buy again!

I am sure I will be ordering another one when I get a new iPhone 11 Pro!


Superb client care!! I broke my telephone directly after I acquired my new cases and they were so cool about trading them out for me

beyound my expect

Everything is better than expected. Good quality, fast shipping and excellent service.

Highly Recommend!!

you can also try the screen protetor,I feel they are a suit!

Love this phone case!

Good value for the very stylish item and great customer service.

Fantastic Case

Nice shopping experience with bazaardodo

Everythig is okay.

It's my second time using the phone case. I can feel The quality of my phone case once I put on my hand.

Good value for the money.

Come so much quicker then was estimated!