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Produts with Yacil's arts are about to be released, but before that, we'd like to introduce you something behind the curtains. A short interview about our co-artist Yacil! 

"Cyber Punk Girl"
@yacilart, arts provided by aritst and Bazaardodo

1. Would you mind to use 5 words to describe yourself a little bit?
Creative, curious, optimistic, friendly, open-minded 

Female Anime Characters
@yacilart, arts provided by aritst and Bazaardodo

2. What does your work aim to say? And the reason why you choose this anime-style or vaporwave?

I don’t think my work has a particular meaning, I’m just doing what I love! Which is making art. Since I was a child I been a huge fan of anime, as for the vaporwave style, is something I started a year ago, I really enjoy making my art look aesthetic and fashionable, making vaporwave drawings gives me the opportunity to bring back old anime’s from my childhood with a more modern approach.  

"Trapped in 90’s w/ Usagi "
@yacilart, arts provided by aritst and Bazaardodo

3. If there is a time machine, will you go back to the 90s? And any specific reason?

I am a person who is fascinated with technology, although I am a fan of the 90s and all that entails, I think at that time I was too young to understand what was happening. I can’t say that I miss the 90s because I was only 5 years old back then... But if that time machine had a ticket back to the present, I would totally be encouraged to go on vacation for a few days. 

4Who are your biggest influences? And any specific reason?

Koyori_n and Magion02 really inspired me to make an art account one year ago, both have an anime style but each of them have their own mark on their art, Koyori’s drawings are more focused on making demon girls , and aesthetic drawings, on the other hand, Magion has a more cute and sophisticated style with lots of details in each of their pieces. 

"Demon girl💜 "
@yacilart, arts provided by aritst and Bazaardodo

5. Would you like to tell us the original inspiration for your arts? Why are you focusing on these hot girls?
It is a funny question, most of my followers tend to think I’m a guy at first for that same reason, I guess it is not very common for a girl to be making hot girls or sexy type drawings. Right now I’m more into vaporwave and Japanese demons, so I just try to make my girls stand out adding a little bit of sexiness and cute typefaces. 

6. Which current art world trends are you following? And what kind of art are you going to create?

Right now I’m focusing on anime girls from the 90s, so for my future works, I think I’m going to try and make them travel to the future, drawing them in cyberpunk style. 

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