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Kingdom Hearts LED Case for Samsung


- 9H tempered glass back panel + soft TPU bumper

- Fullscreen luminous

- Automatically sync up to your iPhone's speaker and play a unique light show

- Thin and light

- Works with wireless charger


Customer Reviews

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Miranda McCauley (North Las Vegas, US)
The art and colors were greatand can take power from my phone but its screen is so cracked I can ...

unfortunately It broke and took my phone out with it the first time I dropped it. Im not asking for a refund. I put a home made screen protector on the case to leep the class from cutting me and bc it still lights up but my screen is totallly blacked out and Ive been in an ASURION loophole from hell. They transferred after an hour hold backwards in line twice and have hung up while i was on hold waiting to simply pay the deductable so I can get my brand new phone im still paying for. Its been a nightmare. But I am not asking for a refund I thought there was a company that a plastic LED prototype and was surprised when you choice of glass like Mr. Jobs. I have 2 boons to ask of you and I haven't any entitlement or expectations but may I just get it replaced and be way more careful with is? Maybe the second isnt so much a request but a complaint or maybe not a complaint rather but an inquiry, when attempting to purchase the 100 mystery box for the samsung FE21 model you dont provide the option to choose the artist which is why i chose to one I knew I loved instead of the Gambling odds not in my favor on account of my loyalty to specific aesthetics. So anyhoo Thank you for taking the time to read this and please email me at your most comfortable convenience. CHEERS!
miranda mccauley at mirrising11

Sestier Laura

Kingdom Hearts LED Case for Samsung

May Ulm (Chicago, US)

Kingdom Hearts LED Case for Samsung