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Interview With Our Artist Friend Davincidante

by David wang
Interview With Our Artist Friend Davincidante

Story About Our Artist Friend @davincidante

When we first saw the arts of @davincidante, we were attracted by his clever designs, we were very sure, this is the artist we need to invite. The world of cyberpunk always has a certain distance from us, but he brought cyberpunk to our lives. So we gave him a short interview and hoped to have an in-depth understanding of him and his work!Let's check it out!👀

Q1 How will you describe yourself?

When I was a child I did not have many aspirations in life, I was not very good with studies and I was also the chubby of the class. But I knew that it was different, or at least it should be, in time I understood that I should strive to find my place and thus began my career in art while trying different arts (drawing, sculpture, painting) I was realizing that I was fine, but I still didn't have an address, until one day,I ran into the photography. Seeing that I managed to be quite productive.I spent two years doing photographs After I finished "bachillerato"(high school) and I started studying photography. In there, they transmitted me enough skills to create creative images based on cyberpunk styles and in this way my Instagram began to grow. I received all kinds of orders, customers and collaborations (among which is BazaarDoDo, without a doubt one of the most prolific) and this with only 5K followers ... 

Q2 What do your art wanna represent? And why you choose the Cyberpunk style? 

Well, my work does not pretend to tell a story, precisely. I like to believe that art can be created simply because of the aesthetic fact, because it is beautiful and because it likes. It is cool to see an image and say "fuck how cool" without having to think about whether it will really be good for its technical qualities or not. On the other hand, I like art that avoids reality, that uses fantastic elements, because normal things we see them every day. I think what I like most about cyberpunk is that. its ability to make you dream about what it can be, but with a dark and dramatic touch, also accompanied by spectacular color combinations. 

Q3 Who are your biggest influences? And any specific reason? 

And my main cyberpunk inspirations are the majority of cyberpunk 80-90 movies but the ones that threw me were @beeple_crap @bondarts and @cyberpunk 2077 

Q4 As two of your arts are the most popular on Bazaardodo, would you like to tell us the original inspiration?

well to tell the truth the first image has its inspiration in another of Bazaardodo’s collab artist Mr. @nuclear_winter_which seems to me a superb artist, certainly someone superior to me and who has control over the bestial color combinations. That is why in an effort to improve my art, many times I try to recreate the art of other artists. For me, it is an honor to share the workspace with him. And others of course!
the second was born by improvisation, a friend took me a few photos following my instructions and then in photoshop, I was improvising. 

At Shifts-end was quite the fluke. It started out as a scribble in a notebook, and at the time perspective was very difficult for me (still is in a sense) but the more I added to it the better it looked. It was a series of fortunate discissions.

Q5 Which current art world trends are you following? And what kind of art are you going to create?

Today I continue my way in photography and I start practicing with 3d because my dream (for now) is to be a character designer (with a clear cyberpunk inclination) 

Q6 What do you think about the Brand of Bazaardodo and the collaboration with us? 

It seems to be one of the best collaborations. I have not had to do anything, just give them a few images that they asked me and voilà, everything else they did. Both impressions and marketing campaigns,
they are genius.
And on the other hand, both their products and their way of selling them seem to be the most professional, not only for their great quality and love, because their website is super clean and careful, but also for the fact of having artists from all calibers, this helps us to move our art and they get great quality in their products without having to invest exorbitant amounts. It is the best symbiosis. 


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