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Mystery Box S5

Art Work
Sinon Full
Gothic Cyberpunk
Seoul Augmented
Chromatic Aberration
Dark Nights
Giddy Love
De Lorean

Mystery Box

The Cyberpunk/Anime Mystery Box is full of artists licensed phone cases and merch that will pleasantly surprise even the most avid Cyberpunk/Anime fan among us.

What's a Mystery Box?

It's a Mystery Box jam-packed with expertly curated accessories. The fun part? You don't know what exactly is in it until it arrives at your door! Everything in the box will match the art style of your choice, and all phone cases will be in the device you indicate when you checkout. Here's a hint about what you can expect in your box:

What's in the box?

$45 of 1 LED Phone case for you indicate the device
$30 of 1 GLOW Phone case for the same device(Same Art Style)
$25 of Hand Picked Cyberpunk/Anime mystery accessories or exclusives
Accessories - Anything from a wireless charger to a glowing-cable to a screen-protector to other awesomeness
Exclusives - Be on the lookout for custom goodies created just for Mystery Box
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Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Mystery box

Love all the cases and items! Happy that I got the case that I wanted.


Mystery Box S5


- Product only came in a generic cardboard box, not in a branded box as advertised on website. Getting a branded box was one of the reasons why I ordered in the first place.

- One of the cases came with visible scratches out of the box. Emailed customer support for a possible replacement. Issue not addressed as of this writing. Only received generic "thank you for your feedback" response.

- Two of the "Hand-picked anime/cyberpunk items" did not represent the theme of the box: a plastic phone charm you cannot even use with the case and a small fashion pin that says "I live my life in movie quotes." Fashion pin was not even featured as a possible option in the mystery box promo video.

Overall, very disappointed with this purchase. Will not recommend to others.

Love the product but..

The shipping time was a bit intense. I ordered on December 18th and received it, pretty much exactly 1 month after. January 18th. I may have just chose a bad time to order. Anyway I'm very satisfied with the product. Both cases are amazing and I enjoyed the random little things that came in the box with them. May order again sometime soon... hopefully with a shorter delivery time though. 🤞

Mystery Box

Well to no fault of your company, the box took about 2 months to get here. Not why i rate low though. I loved the images on the cases i was sent. My extra's were two magnets (who even uses those anymore) and what looks like a lanyard. I don't even have a spot to attach it onto the case or my phone. The case does light up which is nice but, of course not the entire picture which is what is shows on the website. There is a large black bar at the bottom and part of the photo doesn't show. :( I would have rated better if it looked like the pic on the site when lit up and at least had come with one usable accessory like a charge cord or something that would at least work with the items you sent me. Would have been worth the wait. Disappointed. Will not order more.