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Mystery Box S2

Mystery Box

The Cyberpunk/Anime Mystery Box is full of artists licensed phone cases and merch that will pleasantly surprise even the most avid Cyberpunk/Anime fan among us.

What's a Mystery Box?

It's a Mystery Box jam-packed with expertly curated accessories. The fun part? You don't know what exactly is in it until it arrives at your door! Everything in the box will match the art style of your choice, and all phone cases will be in the device you indicate when you checkout. Here's a hint about what you can expect in your box:

What's in the box?

$45 of 1 LED Phone case for you indicate the device
$90 of 2 LED Phone case for the same device(Same Art Style)
$60 of 2 GLOW Phone case for the same device(Same Art Style)
$15 of 1 Screen Protector
$15 of 1 Pulse Glowing Cable for Type-C

$35 of Hand Picked Cyberpunk/Anime mystery accessories or exclusives
Accessories - Anything from a wireless charger to a glowing-cable to a screen-protector to other awesomeness
Exclusives - Be on the lookout for custom goodies created just for Mystery Box
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Art Work

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Customer (Gallatin, US)
First buy

Was very surprised by all the items included in the box. Worth every cent spent

Alejandro Deaquino (Salt Lake City, US)
Mystery Box s2

Haven't received it yet still waiting might even ask for a refund

Jose Reyes (Rochester, US)

Mystery Box S2

Alister (Columbus, US)
Almost every was great

I'm not going to say what all came with it since that would ruin the mystery lol.

The majority of the content was good. The only 2 issues I have are with the led or glow cases and the charging cord.

The cases work great. The problem is there is a square under the sticker that is inside the case, where the case and phone meet. The square makes it so my note 10 plus does not sit 100% flush. The case still fits and stays on though. And works and looks great.

The other issue is with the USB c cable. It looks cool with the rainbow led, but my note 10 plus keeps saying I have moisture in the charging port when I use the cord, and only this cord. I looked online and it said that a "cheap" cord will causes this and to use another cable. It does work on my galaxy buds cases though so that's a plus.

Over all I give the box a A- as the rest of the stuff was awesome.

William Adams (Norfolk, US)
Great box

all my cases fit and light up ones are awesome