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Lost Alley Glow Case

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Retro School Glow Case

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Gaming 2099 Glow Case


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520 reviews

Is very cool maybe a little much but i love it, want more actually love your product

Doesn’t look like picture

It’s a nice case but it looks nothing like the picture... I was expecting the glitter to actually be sparkles but it’s not it’s a picture printed into a sticker stuck on a case... I only have it three stars because it does actually REALLY glow

It looks like a really good case

I ordered the case like idk like a month ago and I still don’t have the product

I really like the case

iPhone case

I ordered 2 iPhone cases that it said online that they glow in the dark but when I got them . They done glow at all. I’m disappointed

Hi Mina, Thank you for your feedback, we are really sorry to hear that. Kindly to tell you that the longer the light is absorbed, the brighter the brightness and the longer the duration. If you want a better glowing effect, please let the case absorb more light. Any question please feel free to reach out, we are always happy to assist you.