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Our Story

Bazaardodo is much more than a brand name,it is a great bazaar where has all kinds of products combined high technology and artistic innovation, it was born out of the passion of a couple of Apple enthusiasts.Like Apple itself, we see ourselves different from others. We follow a vision powered by passion, not a path already taken by many. That’s why we only deal with the absolute top-notch brands in the industry and offer you nothing but the products we truly appreciate.This is the very core of our product vision: creating minimalist, practical tools which also holds aesthetic ideology.

We are the industry pioneer in the personalized customization and production of 3C accessories for mainstream mobile phone manufacturers such as Apple and Samsung. We are looking for, designing and creating an trend of high-quality mobile phone peripherals in the world!

We encourage diversity, encourage everyone to embrace their understanding of beauty, style, and fashion. Each of our products has combined the latest product technologies and trends around the world, allowing you to maintain your personality and style in the world.Every kind of phone cases is carefully designed by artisans. The commitment to their craft is conveyed through the quality of their work. The artisan’s Design and Art Philosophy is demonstrated in the seemingly endless color combinations and innovative styles. Each case is as unique as the person owning it.Those flowery and vivid patterns could highlight the unique taste of every technology lover.

We have started with four types of mobile phone cases, three types of screen protectors, three types of cables, AirPods capsules,and developed wireless charging products with high charging efficiency. In the future we plan to continue to provide other products to meet our core values.


Keeping up with technology and fashion trends


Personalized design for each product


Keep an open mind,use our imagination to create innovative product

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