Why our phones are getting bigger and bigger?

April 30, 2019 3 min read

In 2017, Apple released its first iPhone, and almost everyone was shocked by the giant screen. How can the screen of a mobile phone be so big?

The huge screen of the original iPhone with excellent capacitive touch technology left a deep impression in people’s heads at that time. Since then, the Symbian OS has begun to fall, and Android has started slowly. Phones with a keyboard almost vanished with just BlackBerry still struggling in the market.

Then, in 2010, Samsung strived to develop and promote Android flagship phones, and the sizes and screens of the Galaxy S series began to grow larger and larger from that year.

In 2012, the iPhone 5 was released. Compared with previous generations, the biggest change is the new metal body and the length of the phone. Therefore people started joking about this as the picture showing below...

Unfortunately, the iPhone 5S screen has not caught up with the level of Android brands, forced by trend led by Android brands that phones are getting bigger and bigger, Apple finally decided to make a mobile phone with a bigger screen. Two years later, the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus were born, Apple finally caught up with the trend and officially joined the giant phone team.

Then here’s the question:

So why did phones get bigger in the first place? Is it because of the integration level?

Of course not.

First of all, the 3.5-inch screen of the iPhone is far from reaching the limitation of one hand operation of the phone, so basically, as long as the screen is large, the sales volume of the mobile phone will keep increasing. After all, a larger screen means a richer visual experience, the pictures are more clear and the display of the screen is increased. Everyone likes watching movies on the phone with a bigger screen and the typing is way easier and flexible.

At that time, taking a phone with the big screen was not only the trend but also an opportunity to show off. All these triggers made Samsung keep enlarging its phone screen, which drove other manufacturers to follow Samsung’s moves.

The bigger the phone, the easier to produce.

The space inside the mobile phone can be described by the inch of gold, every inch of the space is important and every inch of the space must be used to the utmost.

From the beginning of the development of smartphones to the present, the internal components are not likely to grow smaller. Although the integration is getting higher and higher, it will reach the ceiling eventually, the ultimate internal stack is limited by the fixed space, thus as long as the internal space grows, the functions and user experience can be balanced better.

For example the camera module, the bigger the sensor is, the quality of images will be better. So the manufacturers need to enlarge the size of the sensor, especially after iPhone’s two cameras in one phone, most of the large phones have more than two cameras.

And other electronic components like speaker and vibrator. iPhone started to be equipped with a stereo loudspeaker since iPhone 7, which is bigger than a usual loudspeaker. Compared to other components, the main FPC is getting smaller.

The most important advantage of a bigger phone is, containing a bigger battery means more all day long usage and battery life. This also an advantage of iPhone Xs Max, which solved a problem that has been bothering previous iPhones for years.

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