What are the top 5 plastic phone case materials?

April 30, 2019 3 min read

The booming of smartphones and tablets has driven the industry chain of the entire industry to move forward. The protective case has developed with the development of smartphones and tablets. Major manufacturers have produced a large number of mobile phone cases to meet the needs of users. The mobile phone case is an important mobile phone accessory that can protect and decorate the phone. There are many kinds of materials for mobile phone protective cases. At present, the most common ones in the protective shell market are Silicon, TPU, PC, TPE+PC. The following text will introduce the characteristics and differences of various materials of the protective shell.



Most mobile phone protective cases are made of soft plastic material. The silicon material has better shock absorption performance and can better protect the mobile phone. Silicone is a common soft plastic phone case material. The silica gel has excellent resilience, good low-temperature resistance, comfortable and smooth touch, non-toxic and tasteless, top environmental protection and good color matching. The silicone protective case is representative of the high-end mobile phone case. The hardness of the material is usually 60~80A. The lack of texture of silica gel is thick, the style is small, it is easy to greasy, and the fit of the fuselage is slightly worse. At the same time, the material is slightly poor, it is easy to get ash on ti, the production and processing cycle is too long, and the material is difficult to recycle and reuse.


TPU can be said to be the most widely used mobile phone case material. TPU has excellent resilience, no deformation, good low-temperature resistance, non-toxic and tasteless, environmentally friendly materials, good color matching, excellent adhesion, low viscosity, good flex resistance, excellent wear resistance, high Gloss, excellent weather resistance and more. The price of TPU material is relatively affordable, the production and processing are convenient, the processing cycle is short, and the second material can be recycled and reused. Common hardness ranges from 85 to 95 degrees. The shortcoming of the TPU mobile phone case is that the hand feels relatively stiff, distorted, and lacks the soft touch of silicone. TPU is a very transparent product, while silicone is not. It is precise because of this transparent feeling of TPU that it is now more popular with users. Moreover, TPU products are still high-grade, and the selectivity is relatively strong, and the pattern changes more than silica gel.

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PC mobile phone shell material has good transparency, strong hardness, anti-fall, lightweight, good strength, and toughness. The disadvantage is that it is not scratch-resistant, not resistant to strong acid, not resistant to strong alkali, and not resistant to ultraviolet rays. PC material case is different from silicone and TPU case, it is very hard, PC plastic has good toughness and good transparency. Pure PC plastic has pure transparent, transparent black transparent blue and other colors. They are all pretty good, but it is easier to be scratched.





The composite phone case is usually made of soft rubber and hard plastic. Usually, soft rubber TPE is bonded to the surface of hard plastic (such as PC, PC+ABS, etc.) by means of overmolding (or two-color injection molding). The phone case has the dual characteristics of rigidity and flexibility. This type of mobile phone case is commonly used in the framed mobile phone case and the integral structural mobile phone case. Composite material phone case, usually with a hardness of 65 ~ 70 degrees TPE, and the adhesion of TPE and PC, PC + ABS, is an important consideration. In addition to the TPE composite PC mobile phone case, there is also a TPE composite TPU mobile phone case, which improves the TPU material excellent elasticity but poor touch.






At present, most metal phone cases are made of aluminum-magnesium alloy. These mobile phone cases have excellent wear resistance, can be used for a long time, and with the tough characteristics of metal materials, some phone case manufacturers will also It is made into a more cool shape, satisfying users who like metal texture. The disadvantage of this type of mobile phone case is that it has a little bit weight and it will be more frozen in winter.




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In general, the TPU phone case is the best choice for environmental considerations and aesthetic design. But in terms of protection and performance, the metal phone case is an excellent choice. So, which kind of phone case you prefer?