Venom Trailer Breakdown: 25 Story Reveals & Secrets You Missed-Part 5 ( the last part)

by Winfred Wadsworth on August 27, 2018



The action heads to the Life Foundation itself, with the staff running for their lives. At this point, the trailer doesn't show what they're running from; rather, it focuses in on Ann Weying, Eddie's wife, who is running against the tide and into the line of fire. It seems reasonable to assume all these people are running from a rampaging symbiote, Riot, as shown later in the trailer.


"The World Has Enough Superheroes" appears to be Venom's tagline, and it's certainly a powerful and effective one. It's a reminder to viewers that this is no ordinary superhero movie; Venom is no Tony Stark, Peter Parker, or Bruce Wayne. Rather, he's a brutal force of nature, less "hero" than "antihero." Given the sheer number of superhero films flooding the box office right now, differentiating Venom from the rest is a wise decision on Sony's part.

The tagline may also subtly refer to the seemingly-neverending debate over whether or not Venom will be set in the MCU. There's been a lot of confusion over this point, with the latest information being that it isn't. But it's possible Sony will choose to leave this as ambiguous as possible in the film, in the hopes they'll be able to weave it into the MCU at a later date.

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This is Riot, one of the Five Symbiotes from the comics and clearly the main villain of the film. At San Diego Comic-Con, it was confirmed that the Riot symbiote is a little different to the others; it jumps from host to host, meaning you'll never be able to see it coming. That makes it difficult to say for certain how many symbiotes are teased in this trailer; the Riot symbiote could conceivably be the EMTS seen attacking earlier. When the Riot symbiote finally takes control, it's designed appears to be based on the Venom concept from Marvel's Ultimate Comics line.

In this scene, Riot launches a devastating attack upon the staff of Life Foundation, forms its arms into axes and lashing out. In the comics, each of the Five Symbiotes has a different kind of attack. Curiously, this kind of bladed symbiote-weapon is traditionally associated with Phage, not with Riot.



The trailer's money shot shows Venom and Riot in battle with one another. The scene opens with Riot actually attempting to tear the symbiote off of Eddie - and apparently succeeding. The action swiftly changes, though, with both symbiotes unraveling to reveal the men within. It seems that, by this point in the film, the Riot symbiote has taken Dr. Drake himself as its host - although it's impossible to say whether he was a willing one or not. Given the two symbiotes have an agenda of their own, it's quite fascinating to see that they appear to be as opposed to one another as Eddie and Dr. Drake.



The final scene reveals where the Brock-Venom conflict is going to go: "We are Venom". Here, Eddie and Venom's faces are displayed together. That kind of half-and-half face is traditionally used for Spider-Man rather than Venom, stressing the wall-crawler's double identity as both a hero and Peter Parker. In this case, though, it's used to show that Eddie and the symbiote have truly become one being at this stage in the film.

The unity of symbiote and host suggests that this scene is from the end of Venom, reflecting that the battle between Eddie and his symbiote is over, and the two have reached an accord.




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