Venom Movie Villains: All The Symbiotes Confirmed So Far

by Winfred Wadsworth on August 23, 2018

The Venom trailer revealed more of the movie's symbiote villains. What the third released trailer is most notable for, of course, is finally gave us a proper look at Tom Hardy's Eddie Brock in symbiote-controlled action - scaling walls, ripping off half his face and chomping heads - but it also put a spotlight on the film's antagonists.

Venom is loosely adapting the Lethal Protector comic arc, which saw Eddie Brock and Venom going up against the sinister Life Foundation and their hideous experimentations. The results of that were the Five Symbiotes: Riot, Scream, Agony, Lasher and Phage. Developed from "seeds" collected from the parent Venom symbiote, each had their own distinct powers (weapon arms, attack hair, other very 90s affectations).

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The team was first concretely suggested for the Venom movie with the inclusion of the Life Foundation, and at San Diego Comic-Con it was confirmed that Riot was going to be the prime antagonist (with the host-jumping symbiote taking control of Riz Ahmed's Carlton Drake). The new trailer, however, reveals more than just him. Here are the signs for all five symbiotes.



First up, there's who's currently being presented as the big bad of Venom: Riot. The version seen grappling with Eddie Brock at the climax of the trailer is using Carlton Drake, but it was confirmed at Comic-Con that Riot had kept his propensity for jumping from host to host in the movie version, meaning there could be multiple versions of him (something to bear in mind as we go through the high number of Life Foundation experiments).



One key sequence in the new Venom trailer focuses on a woman overtaken with the symbiote, creating a blade with her arm and firing spikes from her back. This is a mix of Phage and Lasher's powers from the comics, although that's not the symbiote on show here. This is Michelle Lee, who's credited as playing Donna Diego aka Scream in Venom.

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Donna would appear to be patient zero - the symbiote crash site is in China and she's a Chinese paramedic - meaning this sequence likely shows a symbiote attacking before Drake gets his hands on them. It's hard to tell from the trailers, but she may even be the deranged patient who first attacks Eddie.



The new trailer also confirms that the Life Foundation has several different symbiotes, including the first (and thus far only), look at a yellow symbiote. In the comics, the yellow member of the Five Symbiotes is Scream, although Phage's orange is sometimes presented as yellow (that said, Riot's change suggests source colors aren't being followed anyway). Whatever the case, it's clearly distinct from the main two the trailer focuses on.



The other symbiote alongside Riot, Scream and Phage is a blue and gold one, which is seen later in the Venom trailer being set loose on a rather unwitting subject. Not only is this coloring distinct from the others in the film, it also doesn't match up with any of the Five Symbiotes from the comics (Riot has a blue-ish tint but, as established, here is more pure silver).

That may be because it isn't one of the main five. The victim is played by Reid Scott, who is rumored to be playing Patrick Mulligan, who becomes the host for the symbiote Toxin. It may be that this better-known character is being brought in as a replacement for either Agony or Lasher.



Going beyond the new trailer, there are signs of even more potential symbiotes and hosts. The first full Venom trailer also showed another Life Foundation test, this time on a restrained victim. The symbiote they're about to be subjected to wasn't glimpsed, however.


Across the latest two trailers, we have evidence of at least five symbiotes (counting Venom) and five distinct hosts. So far, only Riot has been discussed as a proper antagonistic threat, although there are all the building blocks for something much bigger to go down in Venom.


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