Pretty Appearance, Blind Interpolation, Strong Magnetism, The King of Charging Cables

April 30, 2019 1 min read

Now everyone has one or two,maybe more mobile phones or power bank. Here is a trouble, we always have not enough charging wires, faulty connectors, frequent plug in and out, special outlets should be equipped with special cables. It's really frustrating when you stick on trying to charge your mobile phone for a long time.

Now, with this magnetic universal cable, there is no need to worry about not finding the charging cables. Even if in the darkness, you close the cable to your cell phone, it will automatically attach on it quickly.


Plugging-in and plugging out charging wire over the times is an old school task. Have your hands on this stylish and versatile magnetic mobile charging data cable in the best quality. Shipped from overseas, this magnetic cable connector enjoys a longer life than the traditional USB.

Magnetic Universal Cable

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It is aluminum alloy construction offers a stable connection performance and keeps excellent heat dissipation. Also, it connects to the device within a second, courtesy of its auto-magnetic attraction.

This one is easier and the fastest

charging device for your phone.

Get it to save time and energy.