How to fix/prevent your lighting cable damage

April 30, 2019 2 min read

Apple's products are very product-oriented products, except for that lighting cable.

Many users have noticed that the quality of the lighting cable can be improved but that the durability has always not been guaranteed by Apple.

Here are some tips to fix or prevent your lightning cable away from damage or crack.

Solution A


Preparation materials: white ultra-light clay, paper cutter, cracked lightning cable.

The white ultra-light clay is similar in color to the original Apple lightning cable; you can always choose other colors.


Next, to the ultra-light clay, knead it into a sheet, place the broken lightning interface and the wire joint on the ultra-light clay piece. Cut the damaged PVC part as appropriate.


Wrap the clay around the joints and rub it with both hands to make it even. A wrap of approximately 4 cm is highly recommended.


Use a paper cutter to clean the uneven ultra-light clay. Pay attention to the side of the lightning interface to properly wrap the plastic part to increase the strength.


Stand for 40 minutes, and wait for the ultra-light clay to dry naturally. Finished!

At this time, the characteristics of ultra-light clay are reflected. The texture is light and elastic. After bending, it can be directly reset, not cracked, and not conductive. The bare wire is wrapped in ultra-light clay and is safer than the original rubber.

Solution B: Say no to lightning cable crack.

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If you cannot find the ultra-light clay, or just don't want to do it yourself. You can also try Bazaardodo's Vacuum Cup lightning Cable.

270°flexional lightning end allows the cable to bend back to the phone, giving no barriers and the best experience of playing phone games while charging the phone.

18 mm double suction cups make the cable firmly

attached to the phone and will not fall off during use.

1.Knitted nylon fiber as a protective cover

2. Double PVC protective layers cover the ends of lightning and USB with the better tensile strength to make the cable longlasting

3. High-purity tinned copper core makes sure the charging process loses no energy, providing continuous power during your game.

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