How protective are the glass screen protectors?

April 30, 2019 2 min read

This has been a problem since we had screen protectors for our phones in the market. Just one piece of glass attached to the screen, can it really protect the screen from cracks?

Back to the 3G age, most of the phones were with keyboards and most of the screen protectors were soft, people didn’t worry about breaking their phone screens.

Until iPhone 4 was released, its screen became the easiest to be broken, hard screen protector emerged to protect iPhone 4’s fragile screen. Before iPhone 6’s release, the screen protectors were not of many kinds as today, people tended to buy screen protectors just to keep their screens safe.

However, after iPhone 6’s 2.5D curved surface screen, normal screen protectors cannot be attached fully to the screen anymore, let alone subsequent phones like Samsung S7, iPhone 7… The edges were no longer safely stuck on the screen.

The smart screen protector manufacturers came out new ideas immediately, new kinds of screen protectors were born one after one: full coverage, half coverage, 2.5D,3D,5D, crystal clear, with white/black edges,anti-blue light...

So are these glass screen protectors really protective to your phone screen?


Reasons for the breaking the screens can be generally divided into three:

  1. Direct contact with the hard stuff and cracked by shocks. Mostly the screens are dropped and fully touched the ground.
  2. Direct contact with the hard stuff and crushed. Mostly the corners are crashed directly.
  3. Corners of the phone are cracked, leads to the deformation of the phone and a broken screen.

In the first two situations, the tempered glass screen protectors can absorb the shocks to different extents based on different angles. But in the third situation, screen protectors are kind of helpless, that’s why we need to wear phone cases for our phones.

For most people who don’t drop their phones very often, the screen protectors are more for preventing scratches. However, screen breaks from corners are kind of unpredictable, someone dropped his phone from 10 meters high and the screen was unharmed, someone dropped the phone from the height of his knees and the screen got cracked. Anyway, better get your phone a nice tempered glass screen protector.

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