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For things about Bazaardodo

by Quentin Ren on July 26, 2018


Who are we? 

We are a startup from California, our team consists of several Comics fans, especially Marvel and DC. During a trip to China, we found that our prejudice against Chinese products has always been wrong. Although the price is not high, they actually have good quality. Especially the first product we selected - the phone case. However, due to the lack of design, they did not have access to the US market, which is what our team is good at. Therefore, our products combine high quality, excellent design and our love for Marvel and DC. We‘d like to share it with all fans.

Why BazaarDoDo?

During the process of choosing the name for the company, I have always seen a picture of the Arab market in my mind. There are many kinds of dazzling novelty things, just like the story of the thousand and one nights. So I chose the word bazaar. For the word DoDo is because, during a trip to the Netherlands, I saw the Dodo fossils of the Leiden Nature Museum. I learned about this precious and lovely bird. This is exactly what we need our products to be. So the combination of these two words appeared.

And what are we going to do?

Just like other startups, we also hope that our idea,products and obviously our name will be recognized by everyone. At the same time, we also hope to continue the communication with comics fans who like us. Anyhow taking comics as a starting point, let our lives become fantastic!

wrote by Quentin

Jul 26th,2018


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