Fast Wireless Chargers For Your Phone: Anker PowerWave

by BazaarDoDo Official June 28, 2019 4 min read

fast wireless charger


  • 10W Fast Wireless Charging for Samsung Smartphones
  • Small form factor that doesn't take up much space at all
  • Boost Cooler Fan can keep your device in low temperature


  • No rubber grips where you place your phone, and that can result in your phone moving around

In our Best wireless charger recommend 2019, we gave an outline about Anker Powerwave. Wireless charging has been around for quite a long time, however, as cool as it is to use, wired charging is almost always faster.

That said, there are two main smartphones on the market that are able to charge faster with certain wireless chargers. Those types of phones are Samsung phones and Apple’s iPhones. Fast wireless charging for Samsung phones is done at a 10W charging speed, while any iPhone after the iPhone X and iPhone 8 are able to charge at a 7.5W charging speed.

In this review, we’re going to be taking a look Anker’s PowerWave 10W wireless charging stand. This charger has fast wireless charging for Samsung phones, but what about iPhones?

Anker PowerWave Box Contents:

The wireless charger comes in a larger-than-expected packaging with a lot of heft, leaving you the impression that there is a lot packed inside this box. But, in fact, there are only three key things inside the box, and these are:

  • USB-A to USB-B cable for power
  • Anker PowerWave wireless charger
  • QC3.0 Adapterfast wireless charger

Anker PowerWave Design,Size and Weight:

There are no problems when it comes to placing this wireless charging stand on a computer desk or basically being able to put it anywhere that you want to.

  • Stand Design
  • Anti-slip Bottom

fast wireless charger

The size of the charger is not a problem. It has a length of 3.1 inches, a depth of 2.7 inches, and a height of 4.5 inches. The weight of the charger is 3.8 ounces.

Just placing it on your desktop table or any surface really is going to yield zero problems.

Anker PowerWave Performance:

So this Anker charging stand only features fast wireless charging for Samsung smartphones. In order to get a 10W wireless charging speed for smartphones from the Samsung S7 and beyond, you have to use a Quick Charge wall charger to power the charger.

  •  Samsung Galaxy Note 9 (4,000 mAh) – 230 minutes (3 hours 50 minutes)
  • Apple iPhone Xs Max (3,016 mAh) – 192 minutes (3 hours 12 minutes)
  • Google Pixel 3 XL (3,430 mAh) – 260 minutes (4 hours 20 minutes)

fast wireless charger

Fast Wireless charging an iPhone Xs Max

In this case, we’re using Anker’s PowerPort Speed 2 wall charger, which makes use of two Quick Charge ports.

As for charging speed for other Qi-compatible smartphones, they will receive a 5W standard charging speed only. This includes charging speed for the iPhone X, iPhone XS, iPhone 8 and iPhone XR, unfortunately.

That said, if you want a charging stand that does feature 7.5W fast wireless charging for an iPhone, we recommend getting Anker’s alternative Powerwave charging stand that is actually able to fast charge both Samsung phones and iPhones.

Anker powerWave Functional Components:

One of the best things about wireless chargers is just how easy they are to use.

  • Mode Indicator Light
  • Three Coils To Realize Vertically or Horizontally Charging
  fast wireless charger



To power the charger you have connected a Micro-USB port to the back of the PowerWave stand. The use of a Micro-USB port is acceptable, but what would have made it better was the use of a USB-C input, as that’s basically the standard now.

The placement of the Micro-USB input port is a bit odd as it’s all the way to the right on the back of the charger.


  fast wireless charger

Once powered, you place your phone on the charger either vertically or horizontally, because the charger has a charging coil at the top and bottom. A stand form factor definitely makes it easier to use your charger rather than a charging pad as you have a clearer view and less of a chance of knocking it out of orientation.

Also, once your phone is charging, there’s a blue power indicator that stays on until the phone is fully charged.


Anker PowerWave Reliability

On the reliability side, to get the most out of this wireless charging stand you should own a Samsung Qi compatible smartphone, as you can use its fast wireless charging capabilities.

  • Samsung All Series
  • Apple All Series
  fast wireless charger


If you have any other wireless charging phone, then this charger will still be reliable, but not as much as they will charge at a 5W charging speed.


Anker PowerWave Teardown:

1. Unscrew and open the shell. You can find whole products quality is pretty good, coils can fixeded by black sticky tape.


  fast wireless charger

2.In the central of the coil, we found two temperature probes. It can promise the charger work without high temperature

fast wireless charger

3.High-quality PCBA Overview, Silergy synchronous rectification step-down IC, two independent ways.

fast wireless charger
4. Opposite of PCBA, there was a big radiator to keep it cool and maintain the wireless charger full power work.

fast wireless charger

5. AVC radiator 5V0.3A

  fast wireless charger

Anker PowerWave: You get what you pay for

The Anker PowerWave Samsung fast wireless charging stand is exactly what it sounds like. A fast wireless charging stands for Samsung smartphones, which is still usable by any wireless charging smartphone but it will only charge them at a 5W charging speed, rather than 10W for Samsung phones.


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