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Artist Intro丨antunesketch丨BazaarDoDo

by ExStorm Official
Artist Intro丨antunesketch丨BazaarDoDo

Man at work-----@antunesketch

Bazaar DoDo is about to bring you the latest products tailored to the arts of antunesketch. But before the product goes live, let's take a little look at this Illustrator and animator from Brazil. 

"Black ICE"
@antunesketch, arts provided by aritst and Bazaardodo

Influenced by Moebius, Druillet, Geof Darrow, Shirow Masamune, and Brazilian artist Watson Portela, among others. Antunesketch was always struck about these artists' ability to draw with clear lines and little influence from heavy shadows.

Female cyborgs 
@antunesketch, arts provided by aritst and Bazaardodo

Antunesketch always wants to represent a kind of escapism in their artworks, to keep away from an imperfect unfair world like ours (perhaps even more so), but a place where people have a chance to fight it back through technology.

"This incompleteness is something that I observe in people and in myself in a deeper sense."

In his majority artworks, characters are somewhat incomplete and make up for this with the use of artificial parts.

About his art style, he doesn't follow any art trends but focus on improving skills and learning more about the topics preferred.
"I hope to improve my ability to create, making fewer mistakes, either technically or in my choices."

About BazaarDoDo

Bazaardodo.com is a consumer electronics brand focus on Cyberpunk and Vaporwave niche. We are collaborating with over 20 independent artists and more than 200 unique artworks. Our mission is to spread the cyberpunk and Vaporwave culture and bring more and more unique and stylish products for our brothers and sisters. Let them show their attitude.


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